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Get Involved:

What Can You Do?



  • Write a letter expressing your opinions to the Daily Pilot or the Orange County Register – limit of 500 words for the Daily Pilot and 200 words for the Register.  Submit your work to the Daily Pilot by email to and and to the Orange County Register by email to  You must include your name, address, email address, and phone number. However, they only publish your name.



  • Apply to be on City commissions and committees, such as Planning Commission, Parks, Arts and Community Services Commission, Active Transportation Committee, Animal Services Committee, Fairview Park Steering Committee, Finance and Pension Advisory Committee,  Housing and Public Services Grants Committee, and others. Go to the City’s website for more information and a total list of commissions and committees (note, there are not always vacancies):  If you do apply to be a member of a commission or committee, please let us know.



  • Check our calendar for more information about upcoming public meetings.

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